ipana is a tried and true, 110 year heritage brand generating fresh interest in the dental community. ipana is a high quality toothpaste made with only the very best of ingredients. ipana toothpaste is competitively priced keeping in line with maxill's long tradition of always delivering the best quality for the best value.

Bucky Beaver has been the renowned mascot for ipana toothpaste for over 50 years. Created by Disney Commercial Studios in the 1950’s for the Bristol-Myers Company, Bucky has entertained millions of kids and adults alike with his enthusiastic entanglements with DK Germ in many different television and radio commercial varieties.

Bucky Beaver

Vintage Commercials

The ipana brand has a long history and first of it's kind television advertisements. Go back in time and view the commercials and don't forget to... Brusha Brusha Brusha!


For more fun, downloadable colouring pages, online games, entertainment and education, visit Bucky and his friends at www.buckybeaver.ca!